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Between the end of 1999 and the early dawn of 2000, two young brothers, Gianni and Mario Di Lunardo, British by birth, decide to try their hand at a business idea, almost for fun. Thus they choose the profession of brewer, but not the usual industrial beer, but one that is not pasteurized or filtered. They overcome a very hard apprenticeship and thus begin the production and marketing of "ARTISAN BEER". Flanked by modern production and packaging technology, optimal for the manufacture and stabilization of beer, and following the ancient traditions of experienced master brewers, they create the first Craft Beer of Sannio, their land: the SAINT JOHN'S BIER, also the name of the their young company. Heraclitus said, more than 2000 years ago, that you never bathe twice in the same water of a river. Our every moment is never the same and we are never the same from one moment to another, from one time to another. And it is precisely by virtue of this ancient philosophical concept that we refer to Saint John's. We decided to change and renew the image of our company and to do so we decided to create a new product, the result of experience, continuous research and hard work.

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Straw-yellow colored beer, topped with a white and compact foam, it stands out for its fresh and balanced taste. The sweetness of the malt predominates at the beginning, but is soon balanced by noble hops which give it a dry finish. Soft and light, refreshing and satisfying, it is a top-fermented beer with strong herbaceous and fruity aromas. The density in the mouth is not excessive, but pleasant and able to amaze with its alternation of flavors.

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