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Entirely included in the list of traditional Italian agri-food products, the colomba is an expression of the Easter confectionery tradition. Using only mother yeast, combined with the key ingredients of the ancient original recipe, our colomba is distinguished by a delicate hydroalcoholic bath (14 ° vol) with a dual function: preservative and flavoring. It keeps the taste unaltered and gives aroma and softness.

Forno Cinque Sensi



Why wait for Christmas to be able to taste the panettone? We asked ourselves this, finding an answer to the dilemma of many customers. Using only mother yeast, we have created a confectionery delicacy in which the delicate hydro-alcoholic bath (14 ° vol) guarantees shelf life, aroma and softness. Available all year round, the box is the ideal dessert to always keep in the cupboard.

Forno Cinque Sensi



Linked to the use of must, with which in ancient peasant recipes they were prepared to be sweeter, mostaccioli are the essence of the Campania confectionery tradition. Characterized by a particular aroma of spices, they come in the classic lozenge shape. It is the softness of the biscuit combined with the crunchiness of the fine dark chocolate coating that distinguishes this product by now known all over the world. Other versions, without spices, have a filling based on cherry jam, hazelnut cream and white chocolate.

Forno Cinque Sensi

Pan pepato


It probably comes from east and in 16th century it reaches  italy carried with other spices where it is plentiful rich of.

In our country it diffuses from emilia romagna to umbria, even if kind of these cakes are found on tables of different regions for christmas.

To enhance the typical taste of campania, cinquesensi personalises gingerbread with the classic pisto, a mixture of very fragrant spices.

Forno Cinque Sensi

Pan del Sannio


A rich cake full of ingredients and spices with a strong character like the samnites’, ancient population able to defy the strong roman army.
Hence the name and cinquesensi suggests two versions: the classic and the dark chocolate-covered tartlet.

Forno Cinque Sensi