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Frescura is the liqueur as it could be once, handcrafted and macerating in a distillate of white wine, wild citrus fruits, fig leaves and herbs from the Mediterranean scrub harvested at the first light of the morning.

Distillerie Aragonesi

Crateca Bianco 2019


Crateca bianco is the result of a blend of biancolella and forastera with a wise and thoughtful addition of fiano and greco grapes. The wine, elegant to drink, is a harmonious expression of the varietal traits of the different vines, enhanced by the fine mineral note typical of the volcanic area. The brightness and intense golden yellow color anticipate a perfume rich in ample shades of yellow flowers, canned fruit, pineapple and apricot, refreshed by citrus and Mediterranean scrub hints. The mouth is soft, savory, with an inviting acid vein and good body.

Cantine di Crateca



Figaro, our fig liqueur, is the first of our discoveries.

Born from the work and passion of a Portuguese craftsman, created from the maceration of the fig in his same brandy, distilled in a 19th century alembic in the region of Algarve.

Distillerie Aragonesi

Frollini dolcemais


They are tought for a glutenfree diet but they are suitable for the most refined palates. It will amaze you tasting their crispness due to The use of a very high-quality corn flour.
The melty creaminess of dark chocolate completes the enchantment.

Forno Cinque Sensi



100% Biancolella, the nose is intense, broad and fruity with notes reminiscent of the sweetness of pear pulp and ripe apricot, combined with a background of almond flowers and delicate floral sensations perfectly integrated with the current of balsamic aromas of oak in which it matured. On the palate it is dense and enveloping, persistent and balanced, particularly harmonious and full-bodied in its minerality. It goes well with first courses based on seafood, fried fish and white meats. Also excellent in combination with mushroom-based dishes.

Tommasone Cantine

Crateca Rosso Crastula 2015


The powerful and elegant drink of this wine represents its distinctive and seductive trait, a sublime expression of a balance that arises from the volcano near the sea. The color is intense and brilliant garnet red, the nose is intoxicating and of great impact with fine hints of cherry, blackberry and rose fused in delicate menthol notes and black pepper and tobacco. In the mouth it is fleshy, balanced, fresh, with a strong and noble tannic texture.

Cantine di Crateca